Friday, 22 September 2017

My re-reading challenge!

I made the decision that although I was going to continue to do my annual read of Harry Potter I was going to try shake this up a bit by reading other books in between. This was in part because I evidently can not go a year without reading HP but I also didn't want to miss out on other books I could be reading.

It did meant I was slower reading them then I have ever been. I usually finish them within August but I didn't finish the final Harry Potter until 14th September. However, I am so thrilled that I have read them this way. Not only have a easily caught up with my Goodreads aim I have also found I have savoured the Harry Potter books more as I wasn't immediately going from book to book.

I managed to read the following books starting on the 31st July (Happy Birthday HP)

  1. HP1

  2. Moonrise by Sarah Crossan (ARC edition)

  3. HP2

  4. Roar by Cora Carmack

  5. HP3

  6. Crash and Burn by Lisa Gardner

  7. HP 4

  8. The Year I Met You by Cecelia Ahern

  9. HP5

  10. Frostblood by Elly Blake

  11. HP6

  12. Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody

  13. HP 7

  14. Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas

I had a moment of serious indecision at the end of Half Blood Prince as the day I finished it Tower of Dawn arrived but I felt reading a 600 page book in between two equally as long books was a tall order. Especially as I wanted to get into The Deathly Hallows. I decided I had too read at least 7 books if I was going to re-read the series yet again and I successfully read 14 books in less then two months which considering I had been seriously lagging with my reading was just the reading burst I needed.

I am thinking of doing this whenever I want to re-read a series. It forced me to choose books rapidly as I didn't want to faff about deciding on a book and delay the Harry Potter story even longer. I am already looking forward to re-reading them in the same fashion next year, especially as hopefully I will have got my hands on the illustrated edition of Prisoner of Azkaban that is out imminently!

Friday, 11 August 2017

Moonrise by Sarah Crossan


I wanted to read Moonrise after reading the blurb and being captivated. I love how Sarah Crossan writes such a diverse range of stories and this one sounded intriguing. I liked the idea of someone coping with the multitude of emotions that would swirl in your head if someone you loved was accused of a crime and then dealing with the intensity of knowing that meant their life was forfeit.

Ed is on death row. He is charged with murdering a police office, worse the crime occurred in a state that supports the death penalty. Jo, his younger brother has been dealing with the fall out of this for 10 years. Now they’ve finally got the call that gives the official date that Ed will die. Jo decides he needs to go, needs to see Ed to talk, to make the most of time that is steadily ticking away. The emotionally charged journey this takes Jo on is raw and full of pain. It wrecked me and I read the book in one quick sitting.

The style of Sarah's writing in terms of limited amount of words reminded me of her book The Weight of Water, although without the poetic lilt. I was enthralled by the story and found myself holding back tears for most of it. It was exceptionally well written. The fact Sarah can weave such a powerful and deep book in so few words is a mark of what a sensationally gifted writer she is. The characters are well rounded and the story moves at a great pace.

If like me you really like closure the book might frustrate you as I found I could not decide if Ed was innocent or guilty .You get Ed’s story and you have to decide if you trust Ed. For me the story was a harrowing tale fraught with emotion and it stayed with me long after I finished.
*I recieved this book from a Netgalley request for my honest opinion. The book is out on 7th September and is well worth a read!

A truly thought-provoking story

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

To re-read or not re-read!

Oh 31st July!

When this date rolls around in the calendar, my Potter alarm goes off and for the last 16 years, I have re-read Harry Potter. Whatever books were out at the time I would read. In the years where the books were being released it did sometimes mean I read them twice in a year but eventually when they were finally all out I got down to reading them once a year.

Last year I boldly announced to my husband it was time to stop. As much as I really do love the series I needed a break I said, needed a chance to read more books. So when the 31st July rolled around this year what did I do...Well I started re-reading Harry Potter of course! I actually think I am classically conditioned to do it now. The day appears and my brain switches to HP mode. I justified that it had to be done as I have the two stunning new illustrated editions and it would be wrong to not to read them – I don’t want the books to feel neglected and unused.

In truth, though I just love the series. It has long be a firm favourite and each time I read it is like putting on your favourite cosy jumper. Each time I am reminded of the different times in my life I have re-read the series. The newly wed reading, the holidays I read them on, the late night baby feeds, the new house reading. I am just so familiar with them that it really is my normal. This year though I have decided to change the routine of the re-read. I know the series so well that I really do not need to rush through them. Therefore, after I finish each instalment of HP I will be reading another book from my TBR. That way I am not hindering myself with re-reads and plus it motivates me to read another book as then I will be allowed to step back into the next Harry Potter.

So following up from Philosopher’s Stone I read Moonrise by Sarah Crossan which I was over the moon (no pun intended) to get an ARC copy off and now I have finished Chamber of Secrets I am reading Roar by Cora Carmack which I got in my June fairyloot box and it looks like a riveting read. I was in such a reading slump so this has helped me so much!