Tuesday, 28 August 2012


I am back. After blogging about our anniversary I went away for two weeks and so am now returning with a few catch up blogs!

In the first week of mine and Kiev’s holidays we travelled to one of my favourite places. We went to the lovely Kingdom of Hay-On-Wye. If you are a book lover and have not visited, you really need to get yourself there.


A Mini History

In a tiny little village in Hay-On-Wye a wonderful man called Richard Booth opened a second hand bookshop and from there it progressed and Hay now boasts over 20 beautiful bookshops. Recently it celebrated 50 years! Every year they have a book festival which so far I have never been to but it is on my list of things to do.

Our Trip

I have never been to Hay-On-Wye without one of my parents, also huge book lovers, this time was no different. Normally we usually go for just one day but we have all been keen to stay over to make the most of all the shops. So we stayed in a very cosy little hotel with rooms aptly named after authors. Kev and I were in the Roald Dahl room.

The journey from Wolverhampton was not too long and thankfully my dad knows the route very well. We arrived and it was wet which to be honest makes little difference to the day. We stopped for a quick cake and then went a bit crazy in book shops over the next few days. Kev is much more of a film then a book guy but he always manages to find some bargains there aswell.

I left with a total of 17 books all under £2. I also treated myself to the Folio Society Edition of The Wizard of Oz. I have a very small collection of second hand folios all purchased in Hay so I was excited to add this to my collection. The majority of my purchases were of the Lisa Gardner thriller persuasions but I did pick up some new authors to try.

I am having a Hay break for the rest of the year as I need to save up again for the next trip and to read through all my new (old) books!


If you have not heard of Hay and would like to go I suggest you visit there website http://www.hay-on-wye.co.uk

Currently Reading: Alone by Lisa Gardner



Tuesday, 14 August 2012

2 Years Old

I have now officially been married to Kev for two years.  
Inspired by Rachel’s blog www.vicarswifeintraining.blogspot.com and her post about tips for married life and what she has learnt I thought I too would put up the pearls of wisdom I have supposedly gained.

1.       Kev has quite dutifully driven me pretty much everywhere for the last 2 years of our marriage. He has picked me up when I have missed trains and when I have lost the will to get on a bus. I have to be careful though not to take this for granted and just assume he will always fetch me.  The word thank you means to much in a relationship and it’s important to say it not just assume it’s implied!
2.       I am definitely a very emotional woman. I have been known to cry at most films and some particularly moving adverts (The Tetley Tea one really chokes me up). Unfortunately for Kev this means I cry over quite trivial problems making them appear 100 times worse than they are. I have been really learning over the last 2 years to seriously control my emotions. They should not rule you! Even when I am upset, tears do not need to be my go to option and I am continually trying to choose to react differently.
3.       I am also a chatty wife. I need to talk things out to process anything. Sometimes using 27 words when 6 would have got my point across just as easily. However, I really have had to adjust as my husband likes to think things through to understand them. Initially this caused some very strange discussions where I talked and talked wondering why on earth he had not responded. Although I am still learning to give Kev his time to think it’s so important to discuss things in a way that works for you both as this will definitely lead to a solution faster!
4.       Mess is a part of my life. I am, unfortunately for the hubby a very messy person. Give me any space and I will fill it with a lot of stuff. As my dad used to tell me when I lived at home, I like to build nests of stuff around the house. This has travelled with me and now Kev has the privilege of putting up with it.  He on the other hand is supremely tidy, to the point that he notices things that have moved barely a millimetre out of place. I am of course not saying that marriage has miraculously made me tidy, I have however adjusted through marriage and learnt a love for making my home a special and enjoyable place to be in and because my husband loves a tidy house I actively try to keep it this way for him. Naturally he helps me in this effort. He did once make the error of tidying away my knitting which resulting in the loss of my place and a few stitches (knitting ones not surgical). He did learn not to do that again.
5.       No matter how much you may want your home to be full of girly shabby chic d├ęcor you have to let him have a small amount of say in the house. I won our living room with a copious amount of Cath Kidston but I have had to accept that for many more years to come there will be several comic book character models, star wars ships and a life-size cardboard cut-out of C3PO who I am sure will continue to frighten me every time I forget it’s there!

I love being a Mrs and discovering more about each other and learning together! 

Thursday, 9 August 2012


Today is the day I have been waiting for. Four months ago I was thankfully offered a new job in the career path I really wanted to pursue. I for once in my life managed to keep this relatively secret so that I could continue working in the call centre. Last Monday I finally handed in my notice and revealed all. Considering I am on a temporary contract I didn’t expect anyone to be surprised but there were a few shocked faces when I announced I was leaving.

I am taking a few weeks off before I start both the course and the new job but I am so excited. I have been wishing the time would pass more quickly but the lack of a lot to do has meant it’s taken its sweet time getting to August. I have spent just shy of a year answering a few calls and reading my way through my book shelves, the Lisa Gardner collection and spending far too much money downloading books to my Kindle.  Finally however I am going to start a job in a career that will not only keep me busy but I will no longer be home so late, catch so many buses and be so bored.  It’s not the work that was really the issue it was the lack of work that caused me such frustration! I know many people who would love the scenario I just described. However getting paid to do nothing has in reality made me feel quite useless.

I wonder how many other people are in jobs they dislike. I know how frustrating it can be being in a career that you just do not want. I spent quite a while in this situation and although freedom is just around the corner it’s taking me a lot of thought and prayer over the last year to find a way out!
Being a librarian is not something I grew up dreaming about, I was confident when I started university that I would be a teacher but in the end I decided I was not made for that, I just do not have the commitment it takes.  However, with this foundation removed from under my feet I had no clue what to do and this along with a few job disappointments led me into a call centre that for a long time I didn't know how to get out of.  I ended up using my copious amount of time ‘googling’ what I could do with my life that I would love. I am an avid reader and I have always wanted a job where you work closely with people if you combine the two you can see why being a librarian suits my interests. 

I have been really blessed to have had the time to narrow down my choices and make a decision where there was no pressure to find something in rush. I am fortunate aswell that there was a job available nearby to my home that was a trainee position.

So this is it. The official last day and the start of a new adventure! It’s sad to say goodbye to the people I work with but I am sure we will be comforted by these delicious cakes my sister has made for me!

 Currently reading:  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (I have almost finished my annual Harry Potter marathon)

Monday, 6 August 2012

Hello there...

After several failed attempts I have decided to start my very own blog. Many people I know have blogs to share their thoughts and to update us interested people. I was quite adamant I would not start a blog. I am in no way witty and I am not sure everyone really needs to hear my thoughts on particular things. However, I have given in and have decided to create a blog as my life takes me in a new direction.

What’s in a Name?
I debated quite a lot about what I should call this blog. With only a short while to go before I make the transition from bored call centre worker to trainee Librarian I felt it would be fitting to use this new job role in the title.  I am expecting to share my thoughts, anecdotes and no doubt a fair share of book reviews along with generally discussing my progress on my journey into becoming a fully qualified librarian. I felt the web address should not contain the word trainee as in the not so distant future I will no longer be in training!
 To start with I think the best thing would be to introduce who I am. So here are 10 facts to get you started:
1.      My name is Lydia Mary Bales (nee Heather)
2.      I love Jesus
3.      I am married to the wonderful Kev (nearly 2 years)
4.      I am 23
5.      I love to read and get through a copious amount of books a month!
6.      I really, really love Giraffes
7.      I am chatty, confident and all in all a general bubbly character
8.      My spelling and grammar can be a bit questionable so I apologise in advance
9.      I am embarking on a career change and I am soon to start a new job training to be a librarian in a Secondary School.
10.    I am also starting a distance learning Masters course in Information and Library studies.
  I think that’s it for now. Hopefully I will be back soon with my first official blog post!