Wednesday, 21 November 2012

NLPN Event

My blogging plan has not worked out quite as smoothly as I had hoped. To be honest I think I have to do something drastic now to sort out my prioritising and focus! So I have decided to stay at the school doing my work before I go home. This will mean I am home a lot later but should in theory mean I get a lot more done before I even step through the door.
This should have been Monday’s blogs and I almost posted it on Tuesday but here I am on Wednesday and I feel I could end up posting 2 blogs! I promise not to overload you but feel I need to catch myself up a bit.
So below is my mini review of the NLPN professional’s day that I went to on the 10th November. Enjoy!

On 10th November I went to my first ever librarian gathering. Needles to say I was pretty excited.

My excitement was not misplaced. I finally got to meet some people from my course, some other librarians and the first graduate trainee at my school Penelope. Just this alone made it a great day for me but then you include the excellent speakers and how much I learnt and it was just a really well thought out and put together event.

For me the informal setting and delivery made sure I didn't begrudge giving up my Saturday and the relevant content and 'interactivity' meant I didn't get bored at any point.
The social media information was so helpful for my current coursework that I felt the penny dropping for the direction to take some of my assignments which was excellent. There were so many examples and ideas given that I am sure as my career progresses I will be using these in my work.

For me as a newbie to the profession it was just wonderful to hear other people's experiences and encouraging to see so many people that enjoy their jobs.
Unfortunately I couldn't go to the social afterwards which I really would have liked so next time I will make sure I can just to get more involved.

I will definitely be at the next event and hopefully keeping in touch with my new librarian friends

To find out more follow them on Twitter or visit the blog 
Manchester NLPN

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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Book Worm Wednesday

So today is a scheduled blog day hopefully my first of many. My idea for this day is to blog about what I am reading, post reviews and hopefully give good recommendations if I have any.

This year has been and probably will be the best year of reading in my entire life. Although I did not enjoy my time in the call centre it gave me the chance to read so many books that I had been wanting to read for so long.

During the 8 months I was at the call centre this year I read 49 books. It averages out at just over a book a week. There were some weeks were I read masses because there was so little work I had to do something to pass the time. Although I really enjoyed reading so much at the same time it was frustrating that something I love become something I did to pass time as opposed to something I did as a past time.

During the 2 1/2 months working at school I have read 6 books. This seems alot more normal to me and I have enjoyed reading for enjoyment again rather then reading so the days do not drag on and on.

This so far brings my grand total of books read in 2012 to 55. To be honest I doubt I will ever achieve this kind of figure again. I imagine I will forever look back at 2012 as the peak in my reading years. I have enjoyed the variety of books I managed to read.

A notable accomplishment for me was reading The Lord of the Rings. I have been desperate to read this trilogy since the first film came out over 10 years ago. I have had several attempts which I failed at about chapter 7.  With the ample time available at the call centre I powered through and soon had finished both books in about 8 days. When you read solidly for almost 8 hours its amazing how much you can get through.

Even with all these amazing reads behind me I am excited to now be reading at a slower pace and really enjoying taking my time with books. I am trying to set a reading list for 2013 so if you have any recommendations please let me know as I love trying new authors and new genres. I am midway through a few series so I have a couple more on my list for 2012.

Below I have found this handy widget showing a display of the front covers of my reads this year. I tracked them for a while on good old fashioned notepaper but on discovering Goodreads I tracked this years books using this handy little app.

Read in 2012
The Girl Who Played With Fire
The Killing Hour
Never Look Away: A Thriller
If I Stay
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
The Novice
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
The Return of the King
Before I Go To Sleep
The Midwife's Confession
The High Lord
Sing You Home
The Hunger Games
Love You More
The Two Towers
Something Borrowed
The Interpretation of Murder

Read in 2012 »

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Half term ended over a week ago and I am back at the school for the winter term. It has made me panic in all honesty being already in November. Not only am I in no way ready for Christmas I am also nowhere near ready with my work.  

My last post was ironically about the one thing I lacked during half term- Motivation. I did manage to ramble out some words to give me a rough idea for one of my outlines but that I am afraid that was the extent of my work for the whole of my thoroughly enjoyable half term.

I have decided to structure my weeks a bit better. Working in a school Library gives me ample time when I get home to study, do jobs and even rest yet sometimes I get home and I just cannot prioritise which jobs on my to do list need doing first. From an earlier blog post I showed my home management folder which recently has been rather neglected but with my new determination to be organised for my course and for Christmas I am going to make the most of it. With the new organised Lydia in mind I am also going to be organising my blog a little more.
My fellow blogging friend
Emma  recently did the same thing and it’s really got her blogging more consistently. So using her idea I have decided I am going to blog on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and each blog is going to focus on different things.  I don’t want to blog randomly I want them to follow a bit of theme. I am not sure what each day will be yet but I know one will be a weekly book review (If I manage to read enough). I also might do a challenges page for all the goals I have reading and fitness wise. The third blog day is undecided but is most likely going to be about my library life and other things I have happening.
Like my blogging life I have done a similar thing with when to work, do housework and rest. It’s structure more in blocks of time then in days but I am hoping I can keep it consistent. I have added a marvellous (if I do say so myself) timetable to my home management folder and I think I might print second copies for my cork boards just to remind myself! Hopefully I can stick to it. So far this week it’s going pretty well.

I know today isn't one of my blogging days mentioned above but I drafted this blog out yesterday just didn't post it!

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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Book review: The Interpretation of Murder

I am on a very long bus journey so decided to take the opportunity to attempt to use my blogger app to post a book review hopefully it will be a smooth process. Let me apologise in advance for any errors that may occur!

Although I mentioned a review for The Killables would be on its way I have literally finished a book today and felt as its fresh in my mind I would review it first.

This book is The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld. This was one of my bargain purchases I made whilst in the kingdom of Hay-On-Wye.

As I was on half term I made this decision to read a book aimed more at my age range then my precious reads during term time. I was really intrigued by the blurb and reputation of this book and thought it would be the perfect choice.

The story is set in New York in 1909 during the first and only visit of the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud to America. During which a murder takes places and Freud and his American follower Younger are enlisted to uncover the truth. On the back of the book there are several quotes form sources who have thoroughly enjoyed the book. One in particular by the Scotsman says,

'a thrilling heart-in-the-mouth read...once you start reading, it's impossible to put down'

this quote for me had major impact. I love it when a book is so good you can't stop reading it. That you are so intrigued you attempt to cook reading, eat reading and do anything possible to read on. However unlike the Scotsman I did not find this to be true. It took me what felt like forever to get into this book. It was a really wade and the opposite of a page turner to begin with. It took a lot of discipline and perseverance to keep reading and I am so pleased I did as once you make it past the first few slow chapters the story picks up pace and takes you on an unexpected path. Although some chapters are a little obscure and slightly unnecessary the story holds together well.
The conclusion was unexpected and clever and I was pleased with the ending! I would recommend this as a read and I will be attempting his second book The Death Instinct as a result.

All in all a well put together murder mystery. Prepare yourself for a few chapters that drag but overall a worthwhile read.

Power through those chapters and it will be worth it

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*After attempting to publish this with my blogger app I have to say I am not 100% happy with the results. On my phone its very difficult to use even though I have a rather large phone screen its still quite difficult to see. It was very difficult getting it to show me any spelling errors and the process of changing them was equally as frustrating. I think in future I will just draft on my the app and publish only when I have double checked at home.