Friday, 21 December 2012

Book Review: Who Could That Be At This Hour?

Lemony Snicket is back.

Back with a new series after the huge success of his 13 strong Series of Unfortunate Events. Although a children's authour he writes in such a way that his books are entertaining for adults and children alike.  This book is the first in a new series aptly titled All the Wrong Questions. It provides more insight into the mysterious life of the beguiling Snicket whilst telling a story that is fast paced funny and captivating.

This book is for book lovers. Many references are aimed at the adult reader and helps the book cross that difficult boundary in being able to grip all age readers. For me the inclusion of a library pivitol to the plot was something that I loved.

I read this book in one sitting. Some of that was because I needed to get it back to the Library so the kids could enjoy it but more so then anything else I was hooked.
Full of exciting places, curious incidents and deliciously familiar Snicket esque characters that keep you turning the pages intrigued to find out what happens next.

If you have read any other books by Snicket then you will recognise his familier style immediately from this first chapter. The story is at its simpliest a detective story but in true Snicket style it is full of twists and turns that entertain you throughout. I thought I had answers to the wrong questions but it turns out my answers were wrong and now I will have wait eagerly for the second in the quartet to be written!

I am debating re-reading the whole Series of Unfortunate Events just to give me by Snicket fill whilst I wait for the next book.

For fans of Snicket this is a must read

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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Doing what you love...

I have been MIA for the last few weeks because I have been quite unwell. It’s been pretty irritating to be poorly when I have so much to get on with.

I am basically now a week behind from the schedule I gave myself. It’s frustrating as I had this deadline to get my work done by and it just feels a little impossible now.

However, the time spent being poorly has provided me with valuable time and given me more time to do some things I love because my brain hasn't been in gear to work.

I am a keen crafter. I love a good project and am constantly trying to learn new skills. But I never plan the time in to do these things. It’s always around Christmas I suddenly wish I knitted a nativity set, cross stitched cards and tags and made a few sweet gifts for friends. However by the time I decide to do any of this it’s too late.

I like a good to-do list and love to have a routine and plan yet I never plan in time to do my hobbies. If anything I imagine if I gave myself more time to do these things I wouldn't begrudge the time I spend doing the rest of the to do list so much because I could use my hobbies as a reward for writing an assignment or doing housework.

So I am going to make some time for my past times from now on (I hope)
With Christmas around the corner this is going to be easier as I will get a nice break whilst school is out but when term starts again in January I am going to actively try to do the things I love.

Maybe this time next year my tags and cards will have cute little cross stitched motifs and I might even have a knitted nativity sitting on my mantelpiece!

 Some of my recent projects!

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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Distance Learning

I am currently studying a masters in Information and Library management. I am doing this as a distance learning course. Not only does it mean my masters is not just 1 year but 2 years it is different from part-time in the fact I do not have to attend university at all.
I have no face to face contact with my lecturers, fellow students or any other students attending the university. At first I felt I would be fine with this. My undergrad degree in history was pretty self motivated with very few lectures and contact time so I thought I would cope well.
As the weeks have gone on I have found there are some specific things that i really miss from being a student IN an actual university not just on a course.
I am as you may have guessed from previous posts and tweets easily distracted and working from home this has become more prominent.

As a future librarian I have now see the true value of the academic library as a student. I miss Hugh Owen Library in Aberystwyth rather a lot. I miss the resources being so easily available but I also miss the space a library gives you to study without distraction. Working from home is so distracting for me. I find something to do all the time that is not work. This is particularly the case when I am finding work tough or confusing. I just procrastinate like mad to avoid doing anything. The library at university gives you space to study with minimal distraction. Furthermore if your feeling stuck there are some many resources around that you can at least find a book or journal that can help you understand more.

Although the university I am part of is quite happy to post me books out they will not post be anything that is in electronic format. I much prefer working from a book as opposed to something online. It also costs to send the books back with postage charges. I would love to be able to have as many books from the library as possible but with these charges its just not practical.

So I trekked in car, train and bus to Loughborough University to use their library. They actually offer the information library management course which meant they had lots and lots of books for me to use. Unfortunately I couldn't use the computers or check out books but I did get to use many books and take loads of notes to use for the rest of the weeks to come. I am going to go again before Christmas to crack on with some more work as it was really helpful.

I am also going to start staying at school later to get work done before I come home. It should hopefully mean I get more done and am less distracted.

I obviously miss other aspects of studying at university including lectures and other students but other then that it is a good idea and helps me have a job at the same time.

How are you other distance learners feeling? What are things you like and dislike about the course?

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I wrote this post on Monday like a good organised blogger but I have been ill this week so only just posting!