Saturday, 15 December 2012

Doing what you love...

I have been MIA for the last few weeks because I have been quite unwell. It’s been pretty irritating to be poorly when I have so much to get on with.

I am basically now a week behind from the schedule I gave myself. It’s frustrating as I had this deadline to get my work done by and it just feels a little impossible now.

However, the time spent being poorly has provided me with valuable time and given me more time to do some things I love because my brain hasn't been in gear to work.

I am a keen crafter. I love a good project and am constantly trying to learn new skills. But I never plan the time in to do these things. It’s always around Christmas I suddenly wish I knitted a nativity set, cross stitched cards and tags and made a few sweet gifts for friends. However by the time I decide to do any of this it’s too late.

I like a good to-do list and love to have a routine and plan yet I never plan in time to do my hobbies. If anything I imagine if I gave myself more time to do these things I wouldn't begrudge the time I spend doing the rest of the to do list so much because I could use my hobbies as a reward for writing an assignment or doing housework.

So I am going to make some time for my past times from now on (I hope)
With Christmas around the corner this is going to be easier as I will get a nice break whilst school is out but when term starts again in January I am going to actively try to do the things I love.

Maybe this time next year my tags and cards will have cute little cross stitched motifs and I might even have a knitted nativity sitting on my mantelpiece!

 Some of my recent projects!

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