Wednesday, 21 November 2012

NLPN Event

My blogging plan has not worked out quite as smoothly as I had hoped. To be honest I think I have to do something drastic now to sort out my prioritising and focus! So I have decided to stay at the school doing my work before I go home. This will mean I am home a lot later but should in theory mean I get a lot more done before I even step through the door.
This should have been Monday’s blogs and I almost posted it on Tuesday but here I am on Wednesday and I feel I could end up posting 2 blogs! I promise not to overload you but feel I need to catch myself up a bit.
So below is my mini review of the NLPN professional’s day that I went to on the 10th November. Enjoy!

On 10th November I went to my first ever librarian gathering. Needles to say I was pretty excited.

My excitement was not misplaced. I finally got to meet some people from my course, some other librarians and the first graduate trainee at my school Penelope. Just this alone made it a great day for me but then you include the excellent speakers and how much I learnt and it was just a really well thought out and put together event.

For me the informal setting and delivery made sure I didn't begrudge giving up my Saturday and the relevant content and 'interactivity' meant I didn't get bored at any point.
The social media information was so helpful for my current coursework that I felt the penny dropping for the direction to take some of my assignments which was excellent. There were so many examples and ideas given that I am sure as my career progresses I will be using these in my work.

For me as a newbie to the profession it was just wonderful to hear other people's experiences and encouraging to see so many people that enjoy their jobs.
Unfortunately I couldn't go to the social afterwards which I really would have liked so next time I will make sure I can just to get more involved.

I will definitely be at the next event and hopefully keeping in touch with my new librarian friends

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