Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Half term ended over a week ago and I am back at the school for the winter term. It has made me panic in all honesty being already in November. Not only am I in no way ready for Christmas I am also nowhere near ready with my work.  

My last post was ironically about the one thing I lacked during half term- Motivation. I did manage to ramble out some words to give me a rough idea for one of my outlines but that I am afraid that was the extent of my work for the whole of my thoroughly enjoyable half term.

I have decided to structure my weeks a bit better. Working in a school Library gives me ample time when I get home to study, do jobs and even rest yet sometimes I get home and I just cannot prioritise which jobs on my to do list need doing first. From an earlier blog post I showed my home management folder which recently has been rather neglected but with my new determination to be organised for my course and for Christmas I am going to make the most of it. With the new organised Lydia in mind I am also going to be organising my blog a little more.
My fellow blogging friend
Emma  recently did the same thing and it’s really got her blogging more consistently. So using her idea I have decided I am going to blog on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and each blog is going to focus on different things.  I don’t want to blog randomly I want them to follow a bit of theme. I am not sure what each day will be yet but I know one will be a weekly book review (If I manage to read enough). I also might do a challenges page for all the goals I have reading and fitness wise. The third blog day is undecided but is most likely going to be about my library life and other things I have happening.
Like my blogging life I have done a similar thing with when to work, do housework and rest. It’s structure more in blocks of time then in days but I am hoping I can keep it consistent. I have added a marvellous (if I do say so myself) timetable to my home management folder and I think I might print second copies for my cork boards just to remind myself! Hopefully I can stick to it. So far this week it’s going pretty well.

I know today isn't one of my blogging days mentioned above but I drafted this blog out yesterday just didn't post it!

Currently Reading: Eldest by Chistopher Paolini

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