Tuesday, 28 August 2012


I am back. After blogging about our anniversary I went away for two weeks and so am now returning with a few catch up blogs!

In the first week of mine and Kiev’s holidays we travelled to one of my favourite places. We went to the lovely Kingdom of Hay-On-Wye. If you are a book lover and have not visited, you really need to get yourself there.


A Mini History

In a tiny little village in Hay-On-Wye a wonderful man called Richard Booth opened a second hand bookshop and from there it progressed and Hay now boasts over 20 beautiful bookshops. Recently it celebrated 50 years! Every year they have a book festival which so far I have never been to but it is on my list of things to do.

Our Trip

I have never been to Hay-On-Wye without one of my parents, also huge book lovers, this time was no different. Normally we usually go for just one day but we have all been keen to stay over to make the most of all the shops. So we stayed in a very cosy little hotel with rooms aptly named after authors. Kev and I were in the Roald Dahl room.

The journey from Wolverhampton was not too long and thankfully my dad knows the route very well. We arrived and it was wet which to be honest makes little difference to the day. We stopped for a quick cake and then went a bit crazy in book shops over the next few days. Kev is much more of a film then a book guy but he always manages to find some bargains there aswell.

I left with a total of 17 books all under £2. I also treated myself to the Folio Society Edition of The Wizard of Oz. I have a very small collection of second hand folios all purchased in Hay so I was excited to add this to my collection. The majority of my purchases were of the Lisa Gardner thriller persuasions but I did pick up some new authors to try.

I am having a Hay break for the rest of the year as I need to save up again for the next trip and to read through all my new (old) books!


If you have not heard of Hay and would like to go I suggest you visit there website http://www.hay-on-wye.co.uk

Currently Reading: Alone by Lisa Gardner



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