Tuesday, 14 August 2012

2 Years Old

I have now officially been married to Kev for two years.  
Inspired by Rachel’s blog www.vicarswifeintraining.blogspot.com and her post about tips for married life and what she has learnt I thought I too would put up the pearls of wisdom I have supposedly gained.

1.       Kev has quite dutifully driven me pretty much everywhere for the last 2 years of our marriage. He has picked me up when I have missed trains and when I have lost the will to get on a bus. I have to be careful though not to take this for granted and just assume he will always fetch me.  The word thank you means to much in a relationship and it’s important to say it not just assume it’s implied!
2.       I am definitely a very emotional woman. I have been known to cry at most films and some particularly moving adverts (The Tetley Tea one really chokes me up). Unfortunately for Kev this means I cry over quite trivial problems making them appear 100 times worse than they are. I have been really learning over the last 2 years to seriously control my emotions. They should not rule you! Even when I am upset, tears do not need to be my go to option and I am continually trying to choose to react differently.
3.       I am also a chatty wife. I need to talk things out to process anything. Sometimes using 27 words when 6 would have got my point across just as easily. However, I really have had to adjust as my husband likes to think things through to understand them. Initially this caused some very strange discussions where I talked and talked wondering why on earth he had not responded. Although I am still learning to give Kev his time to think it’s so important to discuss things in a way that works for you both as this will definitely lead to a solution faster!
4.       Mess is a part of my life. I am, unfortunately for the hubby a very messy person. Give me any space and I will fill it with a lot of stuff. As my dad used to tell me when I lived at home, I like to build nests of stuff around the house. This has travelled with me and now Kev has the privilege of putting up with it.  He on the other hand is supremely tidy, to the point that he notices things that have moved barely a millimetre out of place. I am of course not saying that marriage has miraculously made me tidy, I have however adjusted through marriage and learnt a love for making my home a special and enjoyable place to be in and because my husband loves a tidy house I actively try to keep it this way for him. Naturally he helps me in this effort. He did once make the error of tidying away my knitting which resulting in the loss of my place and a few stitches (knitting ones not surgical). He did learn not to do that again.
5.       No matter how much you may want your home to be full of girly shabby chic décor you have to let him have a small amount of say in the house. I won our living room with a copious amount of Cath Kidston but I have had to accept that for many more years to come there will be several comic book character models, star wars ships and a life-size cardboard cut-out of C3PO who I am sure will continue to frighten me every time I forget it’s there!

I love being a Mrs and discovering more about each other and learning together! 

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