Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Collector of Books - Fairy Loot

I am a serial collector. Not just books, stuff of all kinds. Some would describe it better as hoarding but personally I can see the method to my madness (says the girl with over 100 packs of playing cards).  

I have recently brought a one off Fairy Loot box that should arrive at the end of February. I am ridiculously excited for it. I decided that I would 'treat' myself as the theme sounds amazing and plus it's my birthday in February AND I just got my first proper pay slip from my new job. Needless to say I had to have it. The trouble is I can see it already spiralling. Fairy Loot have just announced their March box. If you haven't yet seen you can find the announcement here

Myths & Monsters! Literally it sounds perfect for me and plus it becomes available to order right on my birthday (surely that is sign). I have not even received my first box and already I am planning the second! I knew this would appeal to my bookworm/magpie tendencies.

I have really wanted to get a book subscription for some time. I have seen amazing unboxings of a variety such as OwlCrate, LitJoyCrate, Once Upon a Book Club etc. Yet the thing that appeals to me most about Fairy Loot is not only is it a YA Fantasy box but it is also based in the UK! As some of you know the shipping to get a book box over from America is literally the same as the cost of the box itself and I can not justify it (no matter how hard I try). 

Thankfully through the wonderful bookstagramming community I have discovered Fairy Loot and am excited to unbox it later in the month when it arrives. I must confess I have signed up to the waiting list to know as soon as the March box becomes available. Personally I think this could be the start of another beautiful collection (I doubt my bank balance or husband will agree but such is the life of a bookworm).

Have you had a book subscription you loved?

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