Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: Books that should be films

As with many things in my life I am not always the most consistent. I am sure I have made hundreds of aims to pay more attention to this blog. I think in truth over the fast few months if not years is I have struggled to decide what this blog was going to focus on. It stared as a place for me to write about my life with a strong slant towards the bookish. However, over the majority of the last few posts the dominant feature has been book reviews. This has become surprisingly monotonous for me as well as for any readers - I imagine. Although I love reading and reviewing  I was struggling to post as it was getting a tad dull for me. Not to mention I've found it particularly hard when I had not enjoyed one book after another and my posts then looked like one long commentary on books I do not really rate.

So with this in mind I am returning to the fray with one of my favourite book memes run by The Broke and the Bookish. I am talking about Top Ten Tuesday (of course). This weeks theme is a freebie which seems nice and apt. So it is up to me to come up with a list of a top ten that I want to feature. So with that in mind moving on to my theme for this week:

Top 10 books I want to be made into films. I know I know scandalous. Yes a lot of film adaptations of books are just awful (A series of Unfortunate Events springs to mind as does Eragon). However, I have read some truly amazing books that I think would look spectacular adapted onto screen. So without further ado here it is:

Top 10 Books I’d Love to See on Screen:

 Daughters of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

For those of you who have read this stomping good fantasy epic you know what I mean to say to see this visually on screen would be jaw-dropping. Cinematically it would need a whopping budget to really include the diverse and visual characters in all their glory.  I think that a lead actress would need to be someone a little quirky to play Karou. According to IMDB the screenrights have been owned by Universal since 2012 so I wonder if we will see this soon. If you haven't already read this amazing series - do it now!

Mistborn Saga by Brandon Sanderson

Again if you have delved into any of the world created by Sanderson in the Mistborn series yon can understand why this would look so good on screen. To actually get to see the world of allomancy and feruchemy being used in the mistborn saga would be phenomenal.  The pushing and pulling not to mention the dramatics of coinshots would be so much fun to watch. Add in the amazing story that has your heart hammering away it make some amazing films! As we know from the lovely Brandon Sanderson the rights for this movie were acquired but they lapsed in 2014 so they are up for grabs (come on movie developers).

       The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

Evidently, this list should have been titled great fantasy stories I want to see as films. Now I know Patrick Rothfuss has not yet finished this amazing epic but it would already make a sensational set of films. There are barely any words to describe how brilliant the two books in this series (& novella) are.  Even if Patrick is taking his time with the final instalment it is so going to be worth it as he writes show stopping books. The soundtrack could be awesome for this film and with quick sleight of hand it would be one you had to follow but it would be visually incredibly. Now the movies rights have been purchased by Lionsgate along with other rights so that is exciting. Now just to sit tight for the third book.

      The House at Riverton by Kate Morton

In an effort not to be totally biased I am going to mention a book that is not fantasy.  The House at Riverton is just a wonderful book. It keeps you guessing as with many Kate Morton books. It is comforting, thought provoking and would make a very Gosford Park feel type of film (a favourite of mine). I can not find any info to suggest this is in motion to be made into a film but it would be fabulous.


Age of Five by Trudy Canavan

Clearly I am addicted to fantasy sagas but this spellbinding series is one not to be missed. The     characters are so cleverly written with amazing scenery that I could make a spectacular set of films. I have a soft spot for most of the books by Canavan but Auraya is by far one of the best female leads that Canavan has written and I would love to watch her character portrayed on screen. 


 The Doomspell by Cliff McNish 

     I could not ignore this childhood memory of a book. I love this series so much. It is so wonderfully written and I can happily read it again and again. I have often wondered if this was going to be created into a good children's movie as it has in my opinion that makings of a brilliant blockbuster. The sister and brother leads of Rachel and Eric would steal the show and Dragwena the many jawed witch would be hideous to see. As a film it would be incredibly colourful and would probably need a far about of CGI (as with most fantasy films). I can not find any information that suggest someone has seen the awesome potential of this set of books. 

 The Midwife's Confession by Diane Chamberlain (another non fantasy)

     Diane Chamberlain writes some of the most emotionally wrecking books I have ever read. They gripped you from page one and stay with you long after you have finished them. The Midwife's Confession was the first of her brilliant novels I read. The suspense is palatable as you read and get to to know more of the characters. Noelle is the midwife in question and she harbours a secret so dark that it will tear her life apart as well as the lives of those around her. To be quite frank I think every book she’s written would adapt on screen brilliantly. 

       The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge

I can’t even begin to explain how good this would be as a movie. It would have to be filmed as eerie and hauntingly as Frances wrote it but it would be cinematically incredible. The Tree alone would be a work of art. Now I haven’t yet picked up the Chris Riddell illustrated version of this and I think if I did I would change my mind. Once I see a story with Riddell illustrations I can not imagine the characters any other way hence why non of the Deepwoods appear in this list – I would hate to see Twig look any other way than Chris drew him. 

      Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman (for anyone counting that makes 3)

      Sephy and Callum would be fantastic to watch develop on screen. This would be a proper tear-jerker full of the heart-wrenching moments as well as action backed. This series is so excellent written (what else would you expect from Malorie). Still incredibly relevant to day the racial tensions and volatile terrorist situation would make this a high octane film. Apparently this is going to be a BBC drama so this should be amazing.J

Cormoran Strike by Robert Galbraith

    Apparently this is another series that is going to be a BBC Drama. I am beyond excited by this as it would probably make a better TV series as it would be easier to build up the tension and mood of the story. I have seen a picture of Tom Burke tipped to star as Cormoran and I think he looks exceptionally well cast. If you haven't read this series do not be put off by the fact they are by truthfully by J.K.Rowling. I adore Harry Potter and was worried these books would be strange to read but had I not know they were by her I would never have guessed. They are brilliant works of fiction and demonstrate just how talented Rowling is at weaving a dramatic and thrilling tale. 

*A little note I chose not to include books that were already films but needed remaking such as Eragon.


  1. Ah yes Noughts and Crosses! I hope the BBC adaptation comes soon :)
    My TTT:

    1. I am really intrigued that the BBC are adapting it, I hope they don't aim it too young and wash over the gritty parts!

  2. I love this idea for a topic, and a few of your picks are on my tbr list. Hopefully I'll get around to reading The Cuckoo's Calling, The Name of the Wind and the Mistborn series some time soon :)

    1. All three of those are worth a read, The Cuckoo's calling is quite a fast read if you want to get that one under you belt :)