Friday, 27 January 2017

Readers Block!

As a bookworm through and through I sometimes find narrowing down what to read next a mind field of indecision. I am the worst for choosing a book and then questioning if it was the correct one. Coupled with this I am notorious for starting a book and changing my mind almost within the first few pages.

I guess I am a mood reader – I have to be in the right frame of mind for the right story. Trouble is that a books genre can be so misleading and they do not really indicate what sort of journey the story will take you on.

Another thing I am guilty of is I am also a bit of a competitive reader – only with myself but still it is a bit ridiculous. Who knows if the goodreads reading challenge is half my issue? Since having had a baby I have never managed to reach the dizzying heights of the 75 I read in 2013 and I have slowly been working my way back up in numbers. This causes me the age-old issue of stalling. If a book I start is a bit of a struggle, do I give up and get cracking with the next or power through and accept I will not read as many books that month. I have gone for 60 as my goal this year an I am on track but I do not want to fall behind and in truth I know I want to beat this target. 

I am in this situation with my current choice – The Archived by Victoria Schwab. Now do not get me wrong I am intrigued but I am not gripped and I am not finding myself reading it regularly enough and I have most definitely stalled. I know I should keep going but I just want that book nerd high of being totally absorbed by a book that I stay up far too late reading into the night. One of my reading goals for the year was to not give up so easily so I will be powering through this time but I do wish choosing a book was much easier!

How do you choose what to read next from your TBR list?

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