Friday, 22 January 2016

City of Legends by Cheyanne Young

For my first read of 2016 I chose a previously self published titles by Cheyanne Young that is being re-released on February 5th and is available for preorder now.

City of Legends is the first book in the trilogy of the same name. Originally released by Young with the title Powered this is a fast pace young adult sci-fantasy adventure. 

From the very start you are plunged into a high octane story, it really does not start off slowly. From chapter one we meet Maci Knight a 'super' merely a day away from her eighteenth birthday and subsequently her Hero examination. However we learn, as does Maci a secret that could potentially change everything, she was a twin at birth, to be a twin as a 'super' is dangers as it is common knowledge that one twin will be evil and one will be good.  Maci's twin died so there is no way to know who was the evil twin. Maci must find herself and see if nature outweighs nurture. She must deal with the stigma that comes with the revelation as those around her treat her with new suspicion for fear she will go rogue. I liked the character of Maci and enjoyed the way her character developed during the story gaining a greater sense of self and her purpose. 

Many books of a similar genre for young adults are often weighty tombs so it is refreshing to read a much more accessible book. I think some less confident readers will be able to access these stories as a opposed to books well over 400 pages that can be quite intimidating. Although I found a lot of the story predictable I did read it in one sitting so I was clearly gripped. 

Young's world is cleverly created and her characters are witty and well developed. As an opener to a trilogy it's a good set up.

I really toyed between 3 - 4 stars. Part of me feels I should give 4 stars as I read this in one go. However, purely because I found aspects of the story really predictable I had to go for 3

* I was asked to review this by the publishers. All views and opinions expressed are my own

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