Monday, 16 June 2014

The Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks

I though he was blind, that's how he got me. 

I honestly have no idea what I think of this story. From a literary point of view I think the writing is superb. The first person narrative is detailed, gripping and idiosyncratic giving insight into the main character of the story. The story itself however is just a bit unnerving for me.

The diary author is Linus. A 16 year old boy who finds himself abducted and imprisoned into a bunker with 6 rooms. As he writes the rooms slowly begin to fill. They are watched, punished, tested, rewarded and degraded whilst kept imprisoned. Linus’s diary records his ordeal and how he copes with the individuals around him and how they cope from his perspective. However, this is not a whodunit and if you are looking to read a story that ties up all the loose ends then this is not for you.

Without giving too much away I was left feeling all too flat when I finally finished this book. I need more of a happy ending or at least a climatic one whereas for me this story fizzled out. The main reason this tale earned 3 stars from me was that despite is all too gritty story line I was hooked and read the book in one sitting.  This book seems an interesting choice for the Carnegie shortlist this year. It is by far the most mature book on the list and I for one am not sure why it has been deemed a young adult read. I have found this year’s shortlist a tad too depressing for my tastes and this book fit right into that character. It is not uplifting, there is no morale and it leaves you a bit put out. Exquisitely written but too dark for me.

For those who like a clever story. 

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