Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Nobody Owens, known to his friends as Bod, is a normal boy. He would be completely normal if he didn't live in a graveyard. being raised and educated by ghosts. 

This book had all the components for a fantastic story. A gripping idea, unique characters and a wonderful illustrator. I should have loved it but I didn't.

I had not read anything by Neil Gaiman before and so was not aware of his unusual and quirky style of writing which I just can not decide about. I think his flighty style caused me to have real problems grasping the story fully as opposed to the actual plot. I had heard many people rave about this story so I think it may just be an acquired taste.

Nobody Owens was orphaned as a very young boy due to the brutal murder of his family by the man Jack. He survives purely by the lucky fact he toddled out of the doorway and made his way towards a graveyard. In this graveyard Nobody is adopted by ghosts and given the freedom of the Graveyard allowing him to see easier in the dark, fade to not being noticed and other ghost worthy tricks. However, Bod is still in danger. The man Jack is still after him intent on finishing what he started many years before.

This thrilling premise did not deliver as I expected. The story had far to many in-consequential chapters that had little impact on the actual storyline and for me were a waste of words. As a result the book does not pick up pace until the final chapter or two where events that actual have relevance begin to happen. Gaiman explained in far too much detail some unnecessary aspects of the story ( The Ghouls chapter was tedious) and yet does not go into more detail about the more intriguing aspects of the story ( I would like to have known more about the Jacks). For me I honestly spent half the time trying to figure out where on earth the story was heading which just led to it being a bit confusing for me. I know many others that have loved the story and they obviously did well with Gaiman's unusual style.

Definitely a fantasy story but a bit too obscure for me. I personally was disappointed with it as I expected  a much more riveting story for such a clever idea.

I just don't think I got this

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  1. Not another disappointment! I read The Blasphemer recently and that was the same, lots of pointless parts and then not enough of the bits which were actually interesting. I hope you get to read an enjoyable one soon :)