Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Blogger/Reader

I have really missed taking part in Top Ten Tuesday hosted by Broke and the Bookish. I have written up two different posts for previous entries and just haven't remembered to post them in time. This week the theme is the reason that I love being a blogger/reader and I think this is a fantastic introduction back into the weekly meme.

I love to blog because... 

1. It helps me read more

Blogging about what I read has encouraged me to read as many books as I can possibly manage so that I can keep my blog active and current. It keeps me reading different titles, genres and authors which is introducing to some books I would never have read and have really enjoyed. 

2. It makes me think

When I read books I know there is a chance I will review them. This makes me really think through my opinion of what I am reading. I don't think I really did this much before I blogged. I didn't decide on a rating or comment on how it was written or even if I enjoyed it, I simply moved it from the to-read pile to the read pile. Now I think about what I thought which makes me understand what I like to read more. 

3. It encourages me 

I appreciate when those that comment say they are going to read the books I have posted about. I think recommendations is one of the best ways to discover new authors and new books. Hopefully I can keep reviewing books that people are inspired to read.

4. It connects me 

I love the people that blogging connects you to. I have discovered some really amazing book blogs through my own blog and found some really interesting people who share the same reading tastes as me. I really enjoy reading the comments people make on the blog. As I have said before on my Gone review the author himself commented and I think that is so amazing that blogging makes reviews more accessible to readers and authors alike.

5. It allows me to share

I get to voice my opinion on all things book related (and other subjects) and it is so wonderful. It is very enjoyable to be able to talk openly about books I read. 

I love being a reader because...

1. It takes me away

I love the fact reading allows me to escape from the here and now and delve into an exciting an thrilling tale that gives me such joy. I can be the characters, experience their joys and tragedies and be completely removed from my life. If I want to be somewhere else a book can do that in only a few pages. 

2. It gives me time

Sometimes I just want to take a breath and pause. Reading is a great opportunity for this. It is such great me time. When I curl up on the sofa, in the bath or in my bed with a book I just feel the world slip away and my stress levels sink and *sigh* it is just bliss. 

3. It is my passion 

I love having something I am so passionate about. For some people it is sport, others music and for me it is books. I love the conversations being a bookworm can start. 

4. It is informative 

Ok so if I wasn't a little bit nerdy cool already I play scrabble as well as read. Reading introduces me to some seriously good words that once I learn can score me some serious scrabble points if they land on my tile rack. 

5. It is always available. 

Books are easy to access. I can read without subscribing, sometimes it can be free (borrow from your library), books do not need to be charged, they do not freeze and I do not need any technical know how to open a book and dive right in. I can read whenever, wherever and that freedom to do something I love so easily is brilliant. 

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