Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turn-Offs

Another Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish each week. This the top ten is a bit different for me as I have previously only done ones which look at listing books not aspects of books so it is good to do something different this week.
Ever been reading a book and you get that sinking feeling when a pet peeve happens and it really does you head in or even worse makes you hate the book you are reading so much you either have to stop or you are thrilled when it is finally over. I have a few things that really put me of a story and can ruin a book for me.

1. I think I love you even though I don’t know you at all!

This has to be the worst thing for me. I find it very implausible when characters have known another one for all of 2 seconds and they are already in ‘love’. It is very common I find in young adult stories and for me is a big no no!

2. I know where you are going with this so why should I keep reading

It really annoys me when I writer reveals to much too soon that you know the ending before you have read much of the beginning but they continue to write the story as if you do not know what is happening.

3. Help... I’ve have written myself into a corner!

I have come across this quite a bit. Possibly because I read such a lot of fantasy and the plots can be very complex so much so that the writer doesn’t know how to get themselves out of the corner they have written themselves into and then WHAM they make up some entirely new, you have not come across it for more than half the story it’s never mentioned again but at that moment its gets them out of the sticky situation they wrote themselves into. It frustrates me so much!

4. Fifty shades of green and I still haven’t finished describing the grass yet.

Man oh man if I have to wade through reams and reams of descriptive writing about the scenery I complete shut off. I don’t mind the occasional paragraph but if I have to read from more than 2 whole pages about the jagged rocks and rolling hills I will not finish that book fast all!

5. Have I made myself clear?

That awful moment when you are more than half way through a book and you still do not know what is happening. That even worse moment when you finish a book and you are still not sure what has happened. I have had a few experiences with this that just left me utterly confused.

6. Hi my name is....

Minor characters that are just not worth mentioning because they have no bearing or relevance to the story they just waste paper. I don’t need a story to have loads and loads of surplus characters that appear and then disappear almost immediately.

7. The war that was never then.

I haven’t read masses of historical fiction as I find it means I have to go research into the era to double check the facts but one of my pet peeves is one an author as completely disregarded the time a factual event took place and moves it a few years either way to suit their own purposes. I understand artistic licence but if you are writing historical fiction I think the basic things such as dates and locations should be consistent with the historical fact.

8. Are you feeling sick yet?

Slush! I hate the stuff. We get it your characters are in love, lust and infatuated with each other but I don’t need to read about it in such sickening detail. Lay of the slushy stuff!

9. Beautifully boring

I don’t get why female leads in book can be so badly written some times. I do not want to read about a shockingly beautiful girl who has as much depth as a thimble. I want a heroine I can empathise and respect not an insipid, vacuous, wet wipe of a girl that I just want to punch!

10. Cry me a river

I love a good tear-jerker as much as the next person but I am not a fan where the plot has been written on purpose to make you sob your heart out. I am not a fan of these new stories falling into the miserable I will make you wish you hadn’t read me category. I read to enjoy myself not to depress myself.

What things put you off books?

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  1. I love your list! I feel the same in regards to everything you said haha.
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