Friday, 7 June 2013

The One With the Running Club

Back before I stopped running I trained very hard and consistently to build up mileage to run a half marathon in October. Around about this time last year I realised I was building up distance not speed and I really wanted to improve my time.

I took the plunge and started going along to a running club in Uttoxeter. I loved it. I ran with them twice a week and was thrilled to watch my speed improve and meet new people with the same enthusiasm.
However, after the half was over and after several repeated bouts of tonsillitis I stopped running. Literally from mid January I hadn't made it beyond 4 miles and I only started again on the 26th May so I had a very long break indeed.

This long break made me a bit worried about returning to the club. As the club generally run 5-6 miles I was a little nervous about returning when as of yet I haven't even tried to push to that distance. But today I sent a quick email to the coordinator of tonight's run and found out they were going to do a steady 3-4 miles as there is a half this weekend. So I took the plunge.

I walked to the meeting point for half a mile and then we set of as a small group to run. I managed it. Man alive it was tough but it was good and I felt refreshed by doing such a good run and by being with others. They really pushed me and made me realise I can still get good times. I think I will start going again. I probably will go just once a week but maybe as my distance improves I will join in again more! I also walked the half a back which was a good cool down time.

Juneathon Progress: 3.5 miles with a 2 mile PB and my faster 5k time since last year!

Juneathon Stats:
6 days - 16 Miles Run

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