Monday, 24 June 2013

The One With a Review: The Age of Five

I have just finished reading a series of fantasy books that have honestly been one of the best trilogies of that genre I have come across in a while. They are in no way new books having been written years ago but they are well written, engaging and clever.
The author, Trudi Canavan, has written 3 different fantasy trilogy’s and for me this was the second set I had read. I chose to read them having enjoyed the Black Magician Trilogy so much.
The series is called The Age of the Five. The first is called Priestess of the White, the second is Last of the Wilds and the third is Voice of the Gods. I finished the third and final in the series last week and I really hope that Trudi is not finished with the world she has created.
This fantasy world is one full of magic and power with themes of love, betrayal, sacrifice and spirituality throughout. It is a masterfully created world that is well thought out and easy to imagine due to Trudi’s tangible way of writing. The main character of Auraya is a wonderful female powerhouse whose journey throughout the story is full of a variety of twists and turns that develop a real love for the character. The story follows Auraya as she is plucked from obscurity, made a voice of authority of behalf of the gods and how she deals with this role whilst still remaining loyal to her true self.
I personally found the magic element quite unique within the story and I have not come across anything similar within the fantasy genre. Having finished the trilogy I am really pleased with outcome. I had slightly guessed some of the final twists but not soon enough that the mystery was lost. I really do hope there is more to come in this series as it gripped me throughout. The books are all over 500 pages but are such page turners they take no time at all to get through. I would heartily recommend these to any fantasy fan! I am adding the Traitor Spy trilogy by Trudi Canavan to my lists of to-reads as I have thoroughly enjoyed all I have read by her so far.

Highly recommended read



  1. Found your blog whilst skimming through all of the Juneathon blogs. This series sounds like just the kind of book I love, so will download them for my holidays. Many thanks!

  2. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. She writes some really gripping fantasy stories. Lydia