Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The One At Six in the Morning

I set myself the goal of doing today's Juneathon in the morning. We have friends coming round for dinner tonight and I felt if I went for a run after work I might be cutting it a bit fine. So I dragged myself out of bed at 6 and hurriedly put on my running kit before I changed my mind. With all the niggles in my calves I decided it would be better to do splits so I ran for 5 minutes and walked for 1. This I think was helpful as well because it was pretty early and my energy levels were pretty low.

Thankfully my calves did not give me to much cause for concern (I stretched them a lot last night and went for an hours walk with the hubby which eased them out). I am chuffed to have completed my Juneathon so early and hope I can do a few more morning runs over the course of the month.

Juneathon Progress: 2 sleepy miles

Juneathon Stats:
5 days - 12.5 Miles Run

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