Sunday, 9 June 2013

The One About Two

Day 8

After being quite disappointed I couldn't run on Friday I was keen to get Saturday's run done and dusted. I had hoped to run 4 miles on Friday. As I didn't get chance I thought I should push to that distance.

I was pretty pleased to be able to make the distance. I followed an old route that I used to run with running club so that I did not have to worry about where I was going at all just kept running. The weather was warm but the breeze helped keep me cool (and my new hat). 

Juneathon Progress: 4 miles was gorgeous weather bit too hot in places.

Juneathon Stats: 8 Days- 20 miles 

Day 9

Yesterdays distance increase led to a distance decrease today. My legs were feeling really heavy and tired and coupled with the heat I just didn't feel up to a big run. So I went for a mile and I really pushed myself. It was not my fastest mile but am pleased to have gone and done a run when I was so reluctant. I am also doing a bit of a walk later so that should make up for just doing a little mile run.

Juneathon Progress: 1 reluctant mile but at least I did something!

Juneathon Stats: 9 Days- 21 miles

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