Saturday, 15 June 2013

The One About my Job

Waiting for something you want can be one of the hardest things. I feel over the last year me and my husband have been experiencing that feeling more than usual. My husband applied for a schools direct position, we waited to see if he would get one. Once he got offered a place it was a case of waiting for him to have the interview and take his QTS tests. Each of these involved a period of the unknown, whether he would be successful or not. We always hoped he would do amazingly well, which he did. Yet, those periods of time we had to wait were quite a nervous time for us especially as otherwise we didn't know what he would be doing from September job wise.  Now a lot of this waiting and nervousness has been focused on my husband’s career. This week however, that waiting has been mine. I have spent the passed few days eagerly waiting for my phone to ring with the news of whether I have been offered the job I interviewed for on Wednesday.
On the whole I actually really enjoyed by interview experience. I felt I did the best I could and showed my enthusiasm for the role. It was as really good interview for me to have. Firstly having only been in the library profession for a short time to get the chance to interview for a librarian role was really fortunate. . In truth I was reluctant to get my hopes up. The longer I waited for the call the more nervous I felt myself getting!
So when my phone finally began to ring yesterday afternoon my heart jumped into my throat and I waited with baited breath to hear my fate…..
I got the job!!!!
I am more than thrilled. I am quite honestly still in shock. I am excited to start this job and officially be a librarian! I am really looking forward to the work I will be doing and feel utterly blessed to be getting the chance to do it so soon into my career. 
Juneathon Progress: I went for a lovely run of 5 miles which is my furthest distance to date since I began Juneathon. I was very fortunate to run in brilliant sunshine considering it has just started to chuck it down!
Juneathon Stats: Day 13 - 27.5 miles ( 1 mile sub 9 minutes was chuffed)
                           Day 14 - 27.5 miles ( I went on a stepper for the equivalent of 3-4 miles but I am not counting this on the running total)
                           Day 15-  32.5 miles
Currently Reading: The Voice of the Gods by Trudi Canavan

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