Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Book Review: Midwinterblood

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and I think that might be the case with my blog. I am back and eager to start making this blog what I want it to be. In keeping with this today I am posting a long overdue book review!

Tomorrow in the library we begin shadowing the Carnegie Award with a group of eager students. So that I can participate in the discussion and encourage the kids to read the books I am attempting to read the 8 books shortlisted for the award. So far I am half way through. I do keep getting distracted by other books on my to read list!
The first of the 8 that I desperately wanted to read was Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick. Of all the books nominated this books seemed most up my street. A combination of fantasy, thriller and horror this book fitted perfectly into my reading niche. In my opinion this book definitely deserved its nomination and so far of the 4 I have read I am rooting for it to win.

I have always, even before working in a school library, read teenage or young adult fiction. I prefer to pick up this type of book if I am after a quick and enjoyable read. Having read so much young adult fiction I often spot similar characters, themes and plots throughout different books. However, when it came to Midwinterblood I had not encountered this type of story before. The style is one that some might find not to their tastes. I myself loved the interlinked stories and found them riveting in their own right as well as when connected. The story centres around a young man named Eric. He arrives on the Island of the Blessed as a reported researching the truth into the rumours that the islands inhabitants live forever. However, Eric has been to this island before, many times in past lives. Each past life of Eric is retold in backward chronological order as the story enfolds. The story focuses on a theme of love and sacrifice revolving around the character Eric and the elusive Merle. What enfolds is an interwoven reincarnation story that depicts the lengths people will go to be with those they love. The characters are well developed and the plots is most intriguing.

 I found myself quite tearful at the end of this story and  was thoroughly pleased with how Sedgwick finished the beautiful tale. Those looking to read a brilliant young adult story should look no further than this excellently written book that flows off the page.

 Enthralling tale not to be missed  

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