Tuesday, 26 March 2013

CILIP Qualifications

I have started thinking about my future in the information and library world. I will hopefully finish my PGDip in December and be qualified in January. I am undecided as to whether to continue on to complete the Masters part of my course or exit with the Post Graduate Diploma. One thing I have also been debating is whether to go for Chartership. This is currently known as an MCLIP qualification with CILIP.

Although it has been announced that the Chartership process will be undergoing some changes I felt it was important to gain a bit more knowledge about the process of how to get chartership and the potential benefits.

So I set off to the gorgeous Beeston Library to hear more. Arriving considerably early gave me a lovely time to sit in cafe reading the stunningly beautiful Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick (deservedly nominated for Carnegie award).

The session itself was a good length and incredibly informative. I now I have relatively good understanding of how you go about making your portfolio to become a chartered librarian. The session has prompted me to start keeping a more complete record of not only things I have done but what I have learnt from them as well. I learnt that evaluation and reflection is something they are particularly looking for when they read through your portfolio. They do not want a history of everything you have ever done.

I also learnt how valuable going to things such as the NLPN events, visiting other libraries in different sectors and attending CILIP organised events can be in adding to the section about knowledge and awareness of the wider world of information management. We were encouraged not only to note done what we attend but again to reflect on our experiences and how they have helped us.

In keeping with this I am reflecting on what I learnt whilst at this CILIP organised event. I particularly found it useful to meet with other information professionals. Meeting with people who are all in different sectors and stages of their careers is not only helpful for getting to know more about the other sides of librarianship but also is great for advice.

As you may know from previous blogs I have been feeling a tad overwhelmed with my work load. Thankfully a helpful masters graduate really encouraged me and made me realise that actually I am doing a good amount of work and it will be worth it in the long run. Furthermore I felt the session itself made me more sure about what I wanted in particularly that I would like to gain some library experience in other sectors, whether that be in academic libraries, public libraries or even hospital libraries I think it will help me not only broaden my knowledge to gain chartership but also increase my understanding of information management adding  another string to my metaphorical career bow.

I would encourage anyone who is confused or undecided about CILIP qualifications to attend a meeting organised in your area.  The session explains quite plainly what you need to do in order to gain chartership or certification. It clarifies a lot of things and helps you to make a more informed decision. Naturally much of this information can be found on the CILIP website but it was so useful to hear someone discuss it and find out more then I feel the website says.

Good luck with anyone deciding on what to do next in there information and library career!

Currently Reading: Wonder by R.J Palacio (Nominated for Carnegie Award)

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