Friday, 25 January 2013

Planning Ahead...

I have had a small blog hiatus. Unfortunately I got poorly and this changed my goal to complete Janathon. A lovely twitter follower suggested I try Juneathon and I think I will give that a go as I was unsuccessful with January. Sometimes stuff just gets in the way and there’s nothing you can do about it. I was very disappointed to have stopped running. More so because I am training for a half marathon and I feel VERY unprepared. On the plus side it has meant so far I have avoided running too much in this freezing weather. However, now I am 100% I want to get back into it and start building my mileage back up.
Recently I have been thinking a lot about what I am planning on doing next year. I think that always happens with a new year. You start thinking about the coming months and trying to plan things out. I am one of those people that feels a lot calmer when I know my plans. Sometimes that means I try plan out the next few years and that just doesn’t work but when it comes to the next year I want to know what’s coming out and what choices I need to make.
One of those choices at the moment is with my degree. I am currently studying a MA/MSc In Information and Library Management with the option of leaving in December with a PG Dip. This is a post graduate diploma. I have start genuinely think about whether it would be good to exit at this point, especially as there is always the option of returning within 5 years to complete.
My main reasons for exiting are nothing to do with the course. I know I would enjoy the dissertation and I know it would be lovely to have the Masters. However, It will cost 3,300 pounds to do the second year and furthermore I could study the remaining year, pay all that money and find the job I get at the end of it did not require the masters qualification. This is more prominent a reason if I stay in school libraries.
The CILIP organisation will also allow me to apply for chartership as a librarian without a masters.  I feel a little bit like I have made my mind up already and I just keep trying to justify to everyone why I am not continuing. Some of this is probably pride, I know I just love the idea of having a masters. There is also a little bit of fear. I don’t want to make the decision to early and regret it. Thankfully I don’t have to inform the university of my decision until nearer the end of the PG Dip.
Are there any librarians out there who left a  course with a PG Dip and are happy/unhappy with their decision?
I would love to know what people found were the pros and cons of having PG Dip as opposed to a master’s degree.

Currently reading:  Syren by Angie Sage ( I keep taking breaks from this book and have read two other books The Life of Pi and Sworn to Silence)

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