Thursday, 3 January 2013

Making Good

I am starting to make good on my new years resolutions. My dream of learning to sew is taking shape and so far with janathon I have run 3 times this month.

Today I managed 3.5 miles building up the bigger runs for my next half marathon.

BUT in reality these were the easier options on my list. One that I have not really started or even thought of a plan how to start is driving lessons. After attempting to plan a train journey that would require me to take out a small loan I realised I need to get started otherwise this is just going to keep happening.

So tomorrow I plan to get on the phone and find a good affordable instructor. Not only do I plan on finding one I plan to book a lesson. As simple as its sounds this is big step for me.

I have been talking about learning to drive since I was 18 and stopped having lessons. Yet no matter how much I said I was doing it and even contacted instructors I have not booked an actual lesson.
In an attempt to gain more confidence and skill I am rooting out the dusty old L plates and the hubby is going to attempt to take me driving...I feel a bit sorry for him but he has agreed so hopefully it goes smoothly!

So as of tomorrow I shall have started making good on this resolution and maybe my green license will soon by pink....


  1. Good luck! It's really not that scary once you get the hang of it :)

  2. Good luck with #Janathon and learning to drive!

  3. Thankyou its about time I got it sorted!