Friday, 14 September 2012

Swimming in the deep end!

So today marks my second week at my new job. My course also started this week. At the moment it’s just a lot of reading and introductions but I am already enjoying it. I have quite suddenly realised how busy I am going to be. Having spent the majority of this year doing practically nothing else but reading and answering a couple of motorcycle tyre related calls in the call centre it’s going to be pretty challenging. However, with the help of some fellow bloggers and the wonder that is Word I have created myself something akin to an organisational bible. I am treating it with the same reverence I treat the succession folder that was left for me by the two previous trainees’. Currently it contains every planning page I could think of. Starting with basics of when to clean what on to my fitness and even has a handy family birthday’s page just so I do not forget to send cards! Now I have my course work information I plan to create a page to help me prioritise work so I can work to all my deadlines.
The Folder of dreams!
The scary text books

It’s quite a strange experience going back into the academic world. I have not been a student for a  while  during those 2 years off I have barely written anything let alone an essay.  Even just the reading material has reminded me how little non-fiction I have read in the recent years! I managed to read a power point incorrectly that was sent to me and rather then read the sentence as what we DO NOT expect , I read it as what we DO expect. Well needless to say I practically had heart failure when underneath this heading it read ‘to be a fully-fledged web developer’. Although I am ok with computers I am certainly not that and I began to panic that I had not read my course application as thoroughly as I had supposed!Thankfully they do not expect such high standards of me and the course should equip me in the areas I am lacking. My first two modules get under way next week and I am overly excited to begin now I have seen the course information.  One of my first modules is Hypermedia and I am very keen to learn as much as possible on this course, which is assessed with the creation of my own website! I am sure I am going to find myself swimming in the deep end over the next few weeks but there is a lot of support offered to those studying via distance learning so I am hoping to get in touch with them and get to grips with the coursework and I am sure my home management folder will help me doing this with flare!
Here are the links to the other fantastically organised bloggers that inspired me to organise my life!


  1. I am in awe of your organisational bible - I need to raise my game :)

    Hope you get into the swing of things quickly and don't feel like you're in the deep end for too long xx

  2. Thanks Jess!
    So far its been really helpful but I think I need more pages in it already!