Tuesday, 4 September 2012

First Day

Started my new job this week (yeah) so have decided to post about my other summer events later on if I remember. 

So after a very long 4 months of waiting I finally started my new job on Monday. As it was inset day the first day was child free and was filled with me getting the lay of the land and understanding more about the Library system. Thankfully my two predecessors were wonderfully efficient and left a folder full of guidelines and advice to help me with the job. I am pretty sure I am in love with this folder. I feel very much like Monica in Friends around it, overly protective!  (See episode : The One Where Ross is Fine episode)
So far with the help of this guide and my very lovely boss I feel I am getting slowly up to speed on not only what my job entails but also what I will be learning over the next year. So far so good. 

Today the children arrived. Thankfully not all at once, as the School is large they stagger the arrival of the children. This calmed my nerves a lot although considering how many there were here today I can not imagine how full the school will feel tomorrow when the rest of years descend. 
The children however make my job even more enjoyable. Although I thoroughly love books it is an added bonus to be able to encourage the children in reading and also helping them discover new things in the Library. 

So far this job could not be any more different from my previous job. I feel very productive and this has already overflowed into my home life. I feel much more accomplished after my day. Even more exciting is my day's no longer drag. I spent most of my time in the previous job wishing the day to hurry up, twiddling my thumbs and passing time in any way I could. In the library time is my friend. I rarely feel the need to glance at the clock, there is always something I can be doing and even more so because I my brain is constantly buzzing with new information to learn and this is only day 2!

I have this week left before my Masters work kicks in. I am really looking forward to entering back into the academic world. I am not sure how Distance Learning works in courses so it will be interesting to see how I cope with learning without access to lectures, tutors and not to mention the Library. Hopefully I will learn quite quickly how the Masters course works when you don't actually enter the university. For now however I am content to pass this week without out too much starting at once. I am quite relived the course did not start at the same time as I am not sure I could have coped with so much at once having done so little for so long!

So the beginning of my journey to become a Librarian has begun. I am excited for what the rest of the year holds! 

Currently Reading: Live to Tell by Lisa Gardner

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