Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Library Transformation - Get the Annie Sloan out!

I am sure you have been on tenterhooks waiting for this next installment on my library transformation. Well I am pleased to report it is finally pretty much finished. I faffed about for a fair amount of time staging (and re-staging) the shelves but that is the fun I guess.

I love old furniture and slowly but surely I am changing our furniture from Ikea flat pack to old school rustic and antique looking pieces. However, there was no way on earth we could afford to get as many bookcases as I wanted considering we pretty much had all we needed already. Some of it was stored in the garage and a bit cobwebby but on the whole they were ready and waiting to be used. I did not want to lose the effect of the brick wallpaper so I got to enjoy the task of knocking the back out of five billy bookcases (3 large 2 small). It was surprisingly satisfying but not the safest thing I have ever done.

Having used Annie Sloan before I knew that was my paint of choice. I am too impatient for priming and I wanted to get all 5 bookcases done as soon as I physically could. Armed with Paris Grey I set to work. It was surprisingly speedy to paint them and I was helped along by the fact my sister was staying in the room within a few days so it needed to be safe for my niece. I painted four bookcases in quick succession (I was watching bookcase #5 on eBay). Painting was straight forward if a bit messy. I only got one splinter, which I am not going to lie seriously slowed me down and I became a pathetic person for a short while. 

Eventually I found the best approach was to paint the sides then put the shelves back on the paint before the sides dried otherwise they absolutely wrecked the paintwork.  Once painted I had numerous arguments discussions with my husband on how to get them straight now the backs were out. I was in full panic mode by this point as I had two days to get them straight and full of books before my sister stayed and a part of me still wanted it to look styled even though it just needed to be semi-finished.

Again, as with part 1 Youtube came to my rescue and a surprisingly easy solution was proposed. Equipped with my new drill (be afraid) I screwed the bookcases together through the pre-drilled holes for moving the shelves about. I literally could have wept as they were straight, safe and looked as I had hoped. I set about waxing with Annie Sloan wax I had left over. I loved the colour the wax developed the paint into and I gave it a good day (that’s all the time I had) to dry and buff before chucking haphazardly all the books back into place.

I then had the onerous task of waiting for an eBay auction to end. Stood in the aisle in Asda I bid on a bookcase and won. My ever dutiful husband collected it the following day and I had it painted and waxed and in position in no time - not in time for for the sisters arrival but still it didn't take too long. 

I love them. I cannot even hide it. They are exactly what I hoped they would be and they are thankfully straight much to my concern. I am struggling to get a picture of them in all their glory so I might attempt a panoromic picture soon!

Next steps are the desk, tables and headboard but that’s a post for another day…

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