Thursday, 20 April 2017

Little Surprises!

My little girl surprises me on a lot of occasions. She is confident and cheeky and I am loving getting more and more glimpses into the wonderful girl she is becoming. The other day we had the chance to go with friends to a farmers market and in her usual adorable way she managed to surprise me yet again.

We were just browsing the stalls and looking at some rather beautiful book page flowers and a lady noticed her cheeky little face and she said hello. She then asked my little girl a question that I honestly hadn’t expected her to answer. ‘What’s your favourite book?’ I am pretty sure most of us have been asked this on many occasions and ummed and ahed with answers. Despite my daughters preference for being read to or pretending to read to her toys I really hadn’t expected her to answer.

Yet without hesitation, she confidently said, ‘Gruffalo’s Child’. Honestly I think my heart about burst. We have been reading this (at her request) quite a lot and for her to not only remember but to answer in context that this was her current favourite book was such a joy.

I do hope she keeps her love of books!

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